• A Digital Health Startup Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technology

  • Solutions

    Personalized Virtual Reality Experiences for Stress, Pain, Depression, & Anxiety

    Using AI + VR for Pain, Anxiety, & Stress Management

    Providing Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized interventions for mental health.

    Delivering Personalized Mental Health Support Remotely

    Using Immersive Technology to Deliver CBT

    Using Machine Learning and Immersive Technology to Provide Personalized Mental Health Support

    Remote Health Monitoring Care Applications

    Prediction of Medical Adverse Events using Wearables

    Delivering Artificial Intelligence enabled predictive analytics for health monitoring care at home.

    Virtual Reality Training

    Healthcare Training

    Using Immersive Technologies for Healthcare Training Applications, currently providing COVID-19 specific training.

  • TED Talk

    Transforming your mental health journey using immersive technologies

    Dr. Laura Stanley, Founder of Immersive Reality Group, digs into the opioid epidemic and the role of prescribed narcotics in this crisis. She explores the advantages of virtual and mixed reality for anxiety and pain management while discussing the success of the implementation of this technology in treatment plans.

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